List of Steam locomotives


Name/Number Available Pics Class Website
Bikan Gowan Yes First Train | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Santa Lucia ?
Malecon Yes Tranvia Train 2006
Manila Yes Y
Dagupan Yes Y

Leeds Engine © 2015 Bikan Gowan, Santa Lucia

Leeds Engine © 2015 Malecon

Leeds Engine © 2015 Manila, Dagupan

PNR Fleetlists!!!!

Some Hunslet locomotives were damaged during the Philippine-American War, its unknown if any Neilson locomotives were involved, Manila and Dagupan are listed as Class Y.


Name/Number Available Pics Class Website
Urdaneta 17        Yes B


Yes B


Yes B
25 Yes B
  • Listed as Class B (original), North British Locomotives (71-90) were also listed as Class B.

Kerr Stuart

Name/Number Available Pics Class
Cabanatuan 777 Yes V (Batangas)
Batangas 778 Yes V (Batangas)
San Fernando No W (San Fernando)
Magdalena No W (San Fernando)
Bauan No W (San Fernando)
Santa Cruz Yes W (San Fernando)
Cavite 1007 No X (Cavite)
Calamba No X (Cavite)
Benguet X (Cavite)
Santo Tomas X (Cavite)
Lucena X (Cavite)
Pagsanjan X (Cavite)
Lagonoy X (Cavite)
Albay X (Cavite)
Dagupan Yes Y (Manila)
Manila Yes Y (Manila)

Mikado (Vulcan)

865 Yes
867  Yes
868 Yes
870 No
874 Yes
877 Yes
889 Yes
890 Yes

To be continued...

As of now, there are only 3 Steam locomotives left (Kerr Stuart Cabanatuan 777, Kerr Stuart Dagupan 1021 and Urdaneta 17), others like the US Army Mikado locomotives where possibly scrapped in the 1990s after the lease of the Tutuban yard, some still exists during the late 80s as seen in some movies.



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