The Bicol Express is an express service of PNR.


The exact date of the first run of the Bicol Express is unknown but it reaches as far as Aloneros, Guinayangan, Quezon, from then, passengers will take a boat to Pasacao via Ragay Gulf during the night, buses will take passengers to Pamplona to be transferred to another train heading for Legazpi and Tabaco and by 1933, services were extended as far as Ragay.

The first Bicol Express from Manila to Legazpi passed the Aloneros-Ragay section on January 31, 1938, President Manuel Quezon inaugurated the Manila-Legazpi on May 8, 1938.

Historical Errors

Most sources claimed that the Bicol Express train started operations on September 13, 1931, but according to "The Report of the Manager, Manila Railroad Company", it was already operational over a decade ago, it was launched in conjunction with the Baguio Express on the Main Line North.

That time, Main Line South reaches as far as Calauag, Quezon.